Quentin Jacquemart

Welcome to my website.

I am a network and systems research engineer interested distributed systems, their security, and their (past and future) applications. My research interests include:

Short biography

Since November 2020, I am part of the technical staff at EasyBroadcast, working on peer-to-peer and hybrid-peer-to-peer networks protocols and architecture.

I have also been an invited lecturer at Polytech Nice Sophia since 2016, for graduate-level courses on network security, applied cryptography, and network monitoring.

Prior to that, I was a post-doctoral fellow at CNRS, within the SigNet group at I3S Lab (UMR7271). My work was funded through the EU H2020 project PrEstoCloud and tackled the networking requirements for large data-driven distributed applications in the context of mobile edge computing, which translated to work in the fields of network architecture, measurements, performance, and softwarization/virtualization (NFV). I also worked on data center scheduling, consolidation, and on hot hypervisor upgrades.

I obtained my PhD in Computer Science from Télécom ParisTech/Institut Mines-Telecom in October 2015. As a PhD student, I was part of the Networking and Security department at Eurecom, under the supervision of Prof. Ernst Biersack and Prof. Guillaume Urvoy-Keller. My doctoral work focused on ways to differentiate prefix hijacking attacks (i.e., a malicious attack against the Internet routing infrastructure) from accidental prefix hijacking (i.e., due to a router misconfiguration) and intentional route changes (e.g., due to traffic engineering). I was involved in the European FP7 project VIS-SENSE, and also worked with Prof. Georg Carle's group at the Technische Universität München; our collaborative work receiving the Best Paper Award at TMA 2015. I was able to continue this work as a post-doctoral fellow thanks to a grant from Labex UCN@Sophia.

My work on BGP started in 2010 when I was a student at at the EECS department of the University of Liège. My Master's thesis focused on on the detection of prefix hijacking from the control plane and was carried out under the supervision of Prof. Marc Dacier.

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